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Case Study – Helping Client Own Second Property With Lowest Capital Outlay


Most of us will realise at some point in time, a second property is a sound investment either as a part of your asset portfolio or to yield a steady stream of rental income. The case studies are my clients whom I served in recent years. They come from very different backgrounds and financial resources.

But what they have in common – a desire to improve their existing property portfolio to suit their current and future financial needs.

In one of the latest clients we’ve handled, we managed to secure for Mr. W one of the best possible investment unit, all within a very fast-paced yet composed 48 hours. Mr. W had initially planned to purchase “Property A” with ready cash on hand, however, the situation got out of control when the market demand for that property surged mainly due to the ongoing shortage of supply of the same category in that district. This has led to a sudden price increase and totally thrown Mr. W out of his chair as this would have exceeded his initial budget for his second property. Fortunately, when we learnt of this situation, we quickly assessed and analysed the situation and came up with an alternative project choice that is able to fulfil Mr. W’s budgets yet retaining his expected investment returns yield at another location. All work included all market analysis, hours of discussion and strategic planning and on-the-hour paperwork. 



Here are the key factors that allowed us to navigate and manoeuvre through the process with a breeze:

  1. Market understanding – With more than a decade of experience working with clients on upgrading and “selling one to buy two-unit portfolios”.

  2. Swift and decisive – Managing timelines and coordination are key so our clients do not pay more capital outlay than they should.

  3. Trust and friendship – Most of our clients have given their trust and support over the years, some close to a decade. This allows us to build a very strong relationship and allow us to execute and make strong recommendations on the best possible investment decision.


In short, no single clients have the same situation and we take on every client with the anticipation that we can assist them to maximise their investment opportunity. Keen to explore your various options with regards to your property portfolio?


Everyone has their own unique background and financial standing so we will need to sit down with you to have a detailed discussion.

Request a no-obligation consultation session by filling up the contact form.

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