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Things To Do Before Renovating A HDB Resale Flat

Things To Do Before Renovating A HDB Resale Flat

After buying a HDB resale flat, it’s likely you will renovate it, due to the age of the property or its style. Here’s a guide you’ll need to check off before renovating your resale flat.

1. Budgeting

It will be very tempting to go all out on your renovation but it is important to go into it with a budget in mind. While it’s true that resale flat renovations usually cost more than BTO renovations, but there are various ways to help have your renovation costs manageable.  If you’re moving into your first home, make sure to also budget sufficient capital for purchasing new appliances and furniture, which is likely to be quite a substantial amount. Of course, a large part of how much your reno will cost you is also down to your style and the amount of work you’ll require to be done.

2. List Other Must-Haves 

Different people will have different lifestyles and habits. What built-ins and fixtures would make your home feel more personal? Do you like to host big parties, with an open kitchen? Do you have pets, for whom vinyl flooring may be too slippery? If you have elderly or young members, what safety features might you need to put in for them? Try planning about how you use your current space on a daily basis, and identify what you like and what you don’t like about it. From there, derive a list of requirements your new home should fulfil.

Things To Do Before Renovating A HDB Resale Flat

3. Identify Fixes

It’s important to check the state of the place so you can repair anything that needs fixing before you do the place up and move in. Apart from the structural integrity of the apartment, it is also crucial to assess your plumbing, electrical and look out for any pests. Look out for water damage/seepage and spot any peeling paint or wallpaper, patches of discolouration, or a musty smell in the room. Inspect any wooden built-ins, flooring or doorways, examine nooks and crannies for signs of termite/bedbug activity. When unsure, always hire a pest control specialist to do an inspection. Electrical is something you cannot compromise. Try all switches and consult a certified electrician if any are faulty. 

4. List What Upgrades You Need

When buying a resale flat, apart from the design and style, likely is that any built-ins, utilities and fixtures will be outdated. They may look old and not be as efficient or smart as modern options. 


Though the unit may come with air-conditioning units, check if there are quieter, energy-saving models within your budget, and consider switching them out for savings on your utilities.

Electrical & Lighting

Assess where the current power outlets, switches and light points are in the house and plan if you need to make any changes to any of the electrical points. You can shift the position of lights, switches and outlets and add more wherever it is convenient for you. 


Another recommendation is you should switch to more energy-efficient options (like CFPs or LEDs) and/or smart lights (that can be controlled via smart home apps).

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